Private area’s restrictions

Welcome to this private area reserved to Sanyo Denki Europe distributors, access to which is controlled by login attributed to each of our distributors.

If you are not a distributor of Sanyo Denki products or an employee of a Sanyo Denki distributor who has been authorized by your employer to access this private area, please leave this private area immediately.

This private area contains information that is confidential and is intended to be disclosed only to and to be utilized only by Sanyo Denki distributors for purposes of their distribution of Sanyo Denki products, and the condition of your access to this area is your agreement to respect the following requirements designed to maintain the strictly confidential nature of the information contained herein…

By remaining in this private area, therefore, you are recognizing the confidential nature of the information set forth herein and agreeing to strictly maintain the confidentiality of that information. If you do not agree to these terms, please leave this private area immediately.

More specifically, you agree not to communicate any information set forth in this private area to persons other than directors or authorized employees of the distributor [whose login you have utilized to enter this area / by whom you are employed] and you agree not to use any such information for purposes other than the distribution of Sanyo Denki products by such distributor. You agree to inform any directors or employees of your employer to whom you communicate any of the information set forth in this private area of the confidential nature thereof and of the restrictions upon its communication and use, and to condition such communication upon their having agreed in turn to respect such restrictions. You also agree to take reasonable precautions designed to protect against disclosure to unauthorized persons of your access code to the private area and against disclosure or misappropriation of any downloads or copies that may be made of any of the information contained in this private area and to destroy any such downloads or copies when they are no longer required.

Sanyo Denki Europe reserves all its rights to recourse in case of prejudice suffered by Sanyo Denki Europe, by its distributors or by its customers as a result of deliberate or negligent communication of the confidential information contained in this private area.
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