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Closed Loop Stepping Systems 4-Axis Integrated Driver

SANYO DENKI EUROPE SA. is pleased to introduce its new "SANMOTION PB" closed loop stepping systems 4-axis integrated driver.

1) Space Saving and Wire Saving
This driver can control up to four motors and requires less than half the installation space of four conventional drivers. Also, only one power supply and I/O signal cable are necessary, reducing the amount of wiring.

2) Takt Time Reduction
In addition to the conventional closed loop control that eliminates step-out, the new model includes a mode that also eliminates delays in position commands. Without any delays in position commands, device takt time is reduced.

3) Flexible Resolution Settings
Position command resolution can be set between 200P/R and 51,200P/R, enabling operation at the suitable resolution required for the device.

4) Easy Analysis of Settings and Operating Status
Setup software downloaded from our homepage can be used to easily adjust control parameters, execute test runs and monitor operation status from a PC.



  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Food machinery
  • General industrial machinery

For further information on Sanyo Denki closed loop stepping systems 4-axis integrated driver, please contact us at +33 1 48 26 61 or email us at

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