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AC Servo Amplifier RS3 3E Model 400VAC

SANYO DENKI EUROPE SA. is pleased to introduce its new SANMOTION RS3 3E Model 400VAC. This amplifier has been equipped with a function for predicting equipment failures using the operating data of the amplifier and motor.
It can operate 5.5 to 30kW motors smoothly, making it ideal for equipment such as machine tools and injection molding machines.

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1) Innovative maintenance
This servo amplifier is equipped with various functions: holding brake deterioration diagnosis, power consumption monitoring of regenerative resistors, monitoring of encoder communication quality and a relay counter.
These enable users to predict equipment failures, leading to innovations in maintenance.

2) Safe and efficient system
Equipment can be recelerated or stopped immediately when a worker approaches it, ensuring the safety of the workplace.
Furthermore, motors can be stopped with power still available toe the equipment, shortening the reboot time.


3) Smooth Motion
In addition to regular analog/pulse models, models with high-speed EtherCAT fielbus are also available.
The EtherCAT communication cycle is 1/2** that our conventional model*, achieving even smoother motion of the embedded equipment.


4) Energy saving
The power consumption has been reduced by up to 20%, contributing to save energy***.

* Comparison with the SANMOTION R ADVANCED MODEL with EtherCAT interface type
** The shortest communication cycle: 62.5μs (125μs for the above product in*
*** Comparison with our conventional servo amplifier RS1C15A.
Servo amplifier specifications

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Target Applications

  • Machine tools
  • Injection molding machines

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